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This Manual is for anyone involved in designing communication strategies to engage employees in change.

Whether that be organizational wide or simply around new processes, the following information will demonstrate how you can design those strategies ….. and link them to business outcomes in a fraction of the time and cost that it would normally take if you were to get a consulting firm in!

You’ll be able to create your own employee communication strategy that engages employees over and over again by adapting the case studies to your organizational needs..…it’s that easy!!

Every year organizations spend tens of thousand of dollars on tools to communicate with employees. These tools include staff newsletters, intranets, DVD’s, CEO meetings with staff, amongst many others. Yet few of these tools actively engage employees in the process of change, they inform employees instead of being strategies that engage.

That’s the key difference if you want to establish a link with business outcomes!!

Now we all know that information is important, it lets people know what is happening, and hopefully in the fastest and most efficient way. However if you want to capture the hearts and minds of employees then your employee communication strategies need to take on a new dimension to engage, not simply inform.

Okay, so let’s get started……here’s how it works.

Case Study Excellence Revealed

Here’s what you will receive….

  1. Step by Step easy to follow instructions to apply the same employee engagement strategies to your unique organizational situation
  2. Techniques and strategies that don’t require extensive resources but still make a substantial difference
  3. 50 comprehensive case studies that are each fully detailed with an outline of the objective, the method and the outcomes, together with step by step instructions
  4. 15 industries featured in the case studies highlighting a wide range of issues and challenges, these can be adapted to suit all types of organizational structures

The Future of Employee Communication e-Manual $247.00 AUD
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  • How a worldwide organization ensures that all managers understand how to communicate with employees and their responsibilities in employee engagement
  • We’ll show you how to maximise the use of corporate television for inhouse and external use and impact business outcomes
  • How to change the culture of an organization from employees being risk averse to empowered to act on information and directly improve marketshare
  • Step by step method to engage employees in a time of crisis

  • Identifying tools and techniques to communicate with employees to minimize the impact on customer service during industrial disputes
  • Engaging employees whilst implementing business cost cutting initiatives and at the same time enhancing the customer experience
  • Step by step example of how to engage employees in understanding economic issues and the direct impact on their organization and how they can contribute to positive financial outcomes
  • Learn how one organization was able to reduce employee health claims significantly by implementing communication strategies to an employee base that spoke of many different languages other than English
  • Step by step details on how one organization managed the closure of two manufacturing plants without effecting production
  • How employee engagement strategies assisted in creating a consistent customer satisfaction level across all businesses

These are just a sample of the benefits you will receive….there are many more case studies included in the manual


The Future of Employee Communication e-Manual $247.00 AUD
Click here to purchase

About the Author


Marcia Xenitelis – The Change Communicator

Marcia is an author, consultant and professional speaker on the topic of change communication and change management. The thousands of people who have heard Marcia speak would say that her approach is inspiring and pragmatic. The hardworking concepts in this e-Manual are innovative, imaginative and achieve business results. It is full of ideas on how to engage employees with change and have significant impact.

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