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Team Briefing Kit
Available as an e-Kit


Team Briefing Kit
Available as an e-Kit

Team briefing is the only employee communication tool that ensures quality face to face communication, that it occurs on a regular basis and that consistent messages are delivered face to face by leaders to their teams throughout your organisation.

This kit includes everything you need to get started right away:

  • An outline for you to follow the implementation and guidelines for introducing team briefing in your organization.
  • A CEO / Managing Director guide to Team Briefing
  • A Managers and Team Leaders guide to Team Briefing
  • A guide for all team brief Co-ordinators
  • All contents can be modified to personalise to your organisation

This Team Briefing process is designed to provide all Managers and Team Leaders with a readily available and accessible resource for meeting with their teams.

These guidelines include an overview of: its benefits, a definition of Team Briefing, key principles of Team Briefing, roles and responsibilities, the Team Briefing process, preparing and conducting effective team briefings and team briefing outcomes.

You should allocate 30 minutes to read through the Team Briefing Kit.


The Team Briefing process aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ensure each employee is aware of how their role fits into the organization.
  • To ensure that information is passed on consistently and accurately to all employees at approximately the same time.
  • To improve the working relationships between employees and their managers or team leaders.


Team Briefing has been used successfully in many other organizations as a means to ensure consistent face to face messages in meetings. It was adopted because it encompasses many of the best forms of employee communication. It is face to face, regular and structured, focuses on the team and its Manager/Team Leader and allows for information to be communicated up and down the line.

It has been recognised that it will assist staff to respond to the competitive challenge of the business and provides a means of keeping employees up to date with the rapid changes occurring within your organization.


Team Briefing Kit $127.00 AUD
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Some of the major benefits to be gained from properly implementing the team process include:

1.3.1 Effective Employee Communication

Employees need to be informed about corporate and local workplace issues to positively contribute to company objectives. Team briefing will not, on its own, create effective employee engagement, but is a tool towards achieving such a goal.

1.3.2 Disarming the Grapevine

The grapevine is likely to negatively interpret the reasons for decisions, unless the facts are clearly explained. Team Briefing provides employees with accurate information on issues which impact them, rather than employees reacting to rumours.

1.3.3 Reinforces the Team Leader’s Role

The briefer must be a Manager or Team Leader responsible for the work of the team. This reinforces the Team Leader’s role and adds credibility to the material presented.
Sharing of information builds trust between the Manager/Team Leader and their work group. This leads to an improved relationship, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

1.3.4 Improves the Employee Relations Environment

People have a better understanding of why events or situations have occurred and what is intended and they hear it direct from their manager.

1.3.5 Contributes to Cultural Change

Regular face to face briefings will provide Managers/Team Leaders with the opportunity to communicate workplace changes prior to their implementation.

This allows employees to adjust to the forthcoming changes and creates an atmosphere of trust and honesty.

1.3.6 Reduces Misunderstanding

Team Briefing is an interactive system. Reasons for decisions, goals and their purpose are explained. Confusing aspects can be clarified and misunderstandings rectified.

1.3.7 Consistent Messages

Team Briefing is a structured system of cascading meetings based on the communication of a core brief. The corporate brief, consisting of corporate and divisional issues, must be communicated at each team brief to ensure that a consistent message across the business is achieved.


Team Briefing is a structured form of two way communication. It is designed to ensure relevant and important business information is passed on and understood quickly throughout your division, from management to front line employees, on a regular and scheduled basis. It also allows information, ideas and questions to be fed back to other Managers within the organizational structure.

The briefing should comprise of:

  • up to 6 points of Corporate information (contained in the Corporate Brief provided by management).
  • Division Brief up to 6 points.
  • A Local Brief of 6 – 7 points, compiled by the briefer, on local information.
  • A Question and Answer session and Feedback session.


Team Briefing Kit $127.00 AUD
Click here to purchase


Team Briefing means that employees are briefed.

  • Face to Face – This encourages questions and discussions to ensure that policies, decisions or other information is clearly understood.
  • Two Way – Managers or Team Leaders can receive instant responses from employees on proposed decisions and policies. These responses are then fed back to the appropriate management level.
  • In Teams (4 – 15 people) – This size encourages constructive comments and questions. Each group should be a ‘work group’ which has a common identity so that the information can be targeted to issues that impact on them.
  • Delivered by a Manager or Team Leader – This ensures the credibility of the system and reinforces the role of the Manager or Team Leader as being responsible for the team’s performance.
  • Regularly – Team Briefing should be held weekly or fortnightly, with dates, times and venues set at least six months in advance. The duration of the briefing sessions should be between 15 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes including time for questions.
  • Relevant – Most information (about 60%) should be spend on local items of relevance to the team. Corporate information (about 40%) if possible, should be given a local emphasis.
  • Open and Honest – A commitment to communicate openly and honestly is essential for team briefing to work effectively as an employee communication tool.
    Credibility with employees will be enhanced if communication of positive and negative news of delivered honestly and responses to questions are candid and given in a timely manner.
  • Monitored – This is essential to ensure that messages are getting through. It is measured through corporate employee surveys, and by Managers and Team Leaders walking around the work areas regularly and talking informally with employees.


Team Briefing Kit $127.00 AUD
Click here to purchase

About the Author


Marcia Xenitelis – The Change Communicator

Marcia is an author, consultant and professional speaker on the topic of change communication and change management. The thousands of people who have heard Marcia speak would say that her approach is inspiring and pragmatic. This team briefing kit enables you to engage employees in change by facilitating a focussed conversation and assists leaders in knowing what to say when and where to find answers to questions raised. A simple yet impactful way to engage employees with their managers in a conversation about strategy.

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