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Change Communication and Projects

Learn how to get stalled IT and Business projects back on track

8 Session series – Available as MP3 Download

Why This Audio set?

A recent global survey found that all it takes is just five key tactics to drive successful transformational change. So knowing which change tactics to implement when during the project lifecycle is essential for success. This Change Communication and Projects audio series will build your skills in each of these areas and will help you identify how to deal with leadership resilience to change so that business and IT become partners in delivering on time, within budget and full scope of business requirements.

This audio series focuses on what to do to get traction with change when implementing projects. It focuses on what processes to introduce to change behaviours to enable change to happen and examines complex case studies that focus on what goes wrong with project management, why and what to do about it using leading edge change communication strategies.

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • UNDERSTAND how CEO’s view employee engagement and the meaning and importance they place on it and why
  • DEFINE and measure the value of employee engagement in terms of business outcomes
  • EVALUATEthe different approaches to employee engagement, taking into account your own organisation’s brand, values, culture and business goals
  • IDENTIFY key stakeholders vital to the successful implementation of an employee
    engagement strategy and how to integrate activities for them to lead
  • MANAGE the risks associated with executing an employee engagement strategy
  • BUILD a plan and IMPLEMENT effective employee engagement strategies
  • CREATE a measurable and sustainable engagement culture

Change Communication and Projects – Learn What to do When to Get Great Results
$247.00 AUD

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What’s covered on this audio set?

Audio one: Projects – how to get traction with strategy

  • How to conduct the change impact assessment at the commencement of the project
  • How to identify which tactics suit your organisation
  • How to prioritise actions to build on the outcomes of each initiative

Audio two: Conducting a project alignment review

  • How to conduct a project alignment review if your change process has commenced
  • How to identify the key outcomes you are seeking from the outset
  • When to recalibrate your action oriented change communication approach

Audio three: The difference between a change communication plan and an implementation plan

  • Understanding the different stages of the project lifecycle
  • How to design your action oriented change communication plan to align with those stages
  • Learn the key milestones you need to achieve for each stage of the project

Audio four: Identifying risks and deciding which mitigation strategies to integrate with the project plan

  • How to integrate the change plan and the project plan
  • Learn the difference between risks and issues and what action you can take when
  • What to do when you hit obstacles

Audio five: Leadership resilience to change

  • How to ensure that leaders own and drive the change program
  • What to do when the leadership team are undermining the efforts of others to thwart the change process
  • How to influence senior management to adopt your ideas and to drive the changes that you have recommended to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Developing leader competency to drive the changes

Audio six: Employees and change fatigue

  • What to do when the employees are so demoralised they don’t want to know about the project
  • What to do about resistance to change
  • Gap analysis and how to identify risks in achieving change
  • The difference between change communication and information
  • Process changes behaviour – how to operationalise the change communication strategy

Audio seven: Ensuring projects deliver business outcomes

  • The difference between project deliverables and tangible business benefits
  • How to know that employees are engaged with the reasons for the changes
  • Conducting a change impact assessment

Audio eight: Measuring impact on business outcomes

  • Tactics to realign your change strategy to stay on track
  • Importance of agreement on measurement at the outset of your plan and the key factors to ensure success
  • How to measure the impact on business outcomes of your change communication strategy

Change Communication and Projects – Learn What to do When to Get Great Results
$247.00 AUD

Click here to purchase

About the Author

Marcia Xenitelis – The Change Communicator

Marcia is an author, consultant and professional speaker on the topic of change communication and change management. The thousands of people who have heard Marcia speak would say that her approach is inspiring and pragmatic. The hardworking concepts in this audio series are innovative, imaginative and achieve business results. It is full of ideas on how to engage employees with change and have significant impact.

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