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Marcia Xenitelis

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For your next event, bring in Marcia Xenitelis, an entertaining, dynamic presenter who will inspire the way you engage employees with strategy.

Marcia is one of the preeminent experts on how to get stalled projects back on track and how to communicate with employees without the use of online tools. She gets to the root causes of why employees just don’t get it — and shows you how to overcome these barriers to get traction with strategy in your organisation.

Her motivating message is exactly what your people need to get past being stuck… and to move into action that gets positive business results.You’ll get projects back on track, employees understanding exactly how what they do contributes to business strategy and ensure that everyone in your organisation understands why the strategy is important. Most importantly, you’ll see the positive results, well and truly after the event is over.
Marcia works with organisations globally to help you achieve your goals.

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Speaking topics

Change Communication and projects

A recent global survey found that all it takes is just five key tactics to drive successful transformational change. So knowing which change tactics to implement when during the project lifecycle is essential for success. Change Communication and Projects will build your skills in each of these areas and will help you identify how to create and sustain leadership resilience to change so that business and IT become partners in delivering on time, within budget and the full scope of business requirements.

Audience participants will leave knowing what to do to get traction with change when implementing projects. It focuses on what processes to introduce to change behaviours to enable change to happen and examines complex case studies that focus on what goes wrong with project management, why and what to do about it using leading edge change communication strategies.

Employee engagement – the secrets of success

Bring internal communications to the executive table by developing strategies that will impact business outcomes. The audience will learn how organisations that are leaders in innovation and growth engage (not just inform) their employees.

You will hear how organisations design and implement action oriented change communication strategies that improve workplace engagement and understanding of important business issues. Beyond tactics, the audience will learn how to align employee communication plans with business strategy and leave with practical suggestions that will assist in creating immediate action plans.

With case study examples identify the relationships between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and profit and the business measures that link the customer experience and the employee satisfaction measures.


Marcia challenges you to think differently about communicating change. Most change communication strategies focus on managing the fear that grips anorganization during bad economic times. In this keynote, Marcia shows you how to design low cost high impact strategies that focus on innovation and growth even during times of budget cuts. Exceptional change strategies inspire employees at all levels and this includes managers, they harness key talent and give management at all levels specific accountabilities as part of a change communication strategy. This ensures employee engagement at all levels of the organisation.

For details on how Marcia Xenitelis can inspire your employees and leaders and get strategy moving by speaking at your next event contact us at service@communicationatwork.com or  call +61 3 9889 9685

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