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Employee Engagement – The Secrets of Success

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This book will help you identify key tools to engage employees with strategy and to examine case studies and ideas to enable immediate application back at your workplace. It is for anyone involved in employee communication who wants to take it to the next level in developing strategies that will impact business outcomes and engage employees. Change communication is all about bringing strategy to life.

This book will enable you to:

  • Ensure a clear, shared understanding of any organisational change
  • Design change communication strategies to improve workplace engagement and understanding of important business issues
  • Identify business data and issues you can impact on (and those you can’t)
  • To align your change communication plan with business strategy
  • Identify how to create immediate change action plans
  • Identify the business measures to link with your employee communication strategy
  • To address business issues at the strategic table and offer an employee communication solution that engages employees not just inform

What others have said

  • “Excellent Case based experience”
  • “Very valuable expose on the “Aha!” moment and also some excellent ideas to assist in change management communication”
  • “ Liked the examples of the “Aha!” factor”
  • “I got the most benefit from this on the “engaging emphasis”

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • UNDERSTAND how CEO’s view employee engagement and the meaning and importance they place on it and why
  • DEFINE and measure the value of employee engagement in terms of business outcomes
  • EVALUATE the different approaches to employee engagement, taking into account
    your own organisation’s brand, values, culture and business goals
  • IDENTIFY key stakeholders vital to the successful implementation of an employee
    engagement strategy and how to integrate activities for them to lead
  • MANAGE the risks associated with executing an employee engagement strategy
  • BUILD a plan and IMPLEMENT effective employee engagement strategies
  • CREATE a measurable and sustainable engagement culture

Why Now?

In business today the most compelling issue for CEO’s and Senior Leadership Executives is to engage employees with organisational change focussed on achieving business strategy. They are demanding that employee communication provides more than just information tools, they want evidence of the impact of employee engagement with business strategy and want to see a tangible connection between the two.

This book is unique because it is the only resource how to link action oriented change communication strategies with business outcomes. In these economic times post restructures and constantly changing business initiatives you need to demonstrate the impact you can have on business outcomes and the value you add. By learning how to do this you can quickly identify strategies and tactics to ensure what you do helps your organisation achieve traction with strategy.

The result will be recognition for your skills and abilities and more broadly for the CEO and the Senior Executive Team, an engaged workforce.

Employee Engagement – The Secrets Of Success
$27.95 AUD
Soft cover book-Coming soon – Pre order now


What’s covered on this book?


Here we explore what the fundamentals of employee engagement are and how they contribute to creating your corporate culture. As each organisation is unique, specific tools will be used to identify those aspects of employee engagement which will have the most significant positive impact on your corporate culture.


You will learn the five key concepts underpinning the practice of employee engagement. By following the step-by-step techniques, you will be able to examine whether these key concepts are currently in place in your organisation. If they are, you will explore ways to enhance the impact of these concepts, and if they are not, then using the step-by-step technique, you will identify how to apply the concepts to achieve optimum outcomes.


Every employee engagement strategy you implement will be measured differently depending on the unique organisational situation. We examine the various measurable definitions of employee engagement that will assist you in identifying the most suitable approach for your organisation.


Every senior executive wants to understand how employee engagement can be measured in particular against bottom line business outcomes. Wespecifically address various business measures of your strategies. At the end of the section, you will be able to pinpoint the exact business measures for your organisation.


The most important aspect of workplace engagement is how you communicate with employees, particularly around complex business issues. Usually organisations communicate business results but the connection to the work the employee does and their role in contributing to business outcomes is lost. We examine how to design action oriented employee communication strategies that make employees stop and say, “Aha! Now I get it”. Once they truly understand the reason why, only then will they be more engaged and understand business issues clearly.


Every organisational culture has a unique aspect that is a key driver of business performance. For some companies it is health and safety, for others it may be financial returns for investors. This will help you determine whether you have the engagement drivers that link to business performance for your organisation. You will use specifically designed tools to assist in identifying what the key business performance indicators are for your organisation, and together as a group, identify the engagement drivers.


How to develop your plan and get buy in at all levels of the organisation for it to be implemented successfully. One of the greatest challenges we face are leaders that are reluctant to support our change initiatives. Here we discuss why that is and specifically what you can do about it to ensure that it does not happen.


Success of any strategy is always based on how well it is implemented. In this session we cover what to do to ensure that the results of your initiatives are not jeopardised due to poor implementation. We cover the most likely and high impact actions that might derail your employee engagement strategy and mitigation strategies to deal with those risks.

Employee Engagement – The Secrets Of Success
$27.95 AUD
Soft cover book-Coming soon – Pre order now


About the Author

Marcia Xenitelis – The Change Communicator

Marcia is an author, consultant and professional speaker on the topic of change communication and change management. The thousands of people who have heard Marcia speak would say that her approach is inspiring and pragmatic. The hardworking concepts in this book are innovative, imaginative and achieve business results. It is full of ideas on how to engage employees with change and have significant impact.

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