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Marcia Xenitelis is Australia’s leader in Change Communication and has been helping medium and large enterprises, including government, accelerate business initiatives. Importantly what she does is help organisations get traction with strategy by focussing on communication techniques and processes that enable leaders at all levels to drive the change and for employees across the business to be engaged. All her change communication interventions are action oriented, the focus is employee engagement and creating specific strategies that will work in your organisation.

Her viewpoint is that every organisation’s culture is different, so it follows that every approach to change communication must be different to maximise the investment and potential of new strategies being implemented.
Marcia typically partners with Senior Executives working on business strategy and projects, identifying what the blockers are and how to recalibrate the approach and measures the impact of her solutions by your business results.
The approach
Marcia’s approach is to work with clients as partners to achieve the best results for their business and to transfer our knowhow so that the organisation can continue to benefit.
Her consulting experience includes the following sectors; Financial Services, Banking, Health, Resources, Retail, Education, Logistics, Telecommunications, Insurance and Government as well as many others.
Our experience and knowledge assisting a wide range of organisations achieve traction their business strategies is extensive.
We have worked with many organisations on IT and Business Project Alignment Reviews where we have identified the reasons why projects have stalled and recommend and implement action oriented change communication solutions to ensure that projects not only get on back on track but importantly also have the buy-in and commitment of all key stakeholders.

We also have experience in the private and public sector designing action oriented change communication techniques that actively involve employees at all levels of the organisation in connecting with dots between business strategy and what they do. Together we partner with you so that all action oriented change communication is outcome driven linked directly to the achievement of the desired business outcomes.

Engagements for Project Alignment Reviews include:


  • Health and safety systems in organisations
  • Government health related systems and data
  • Health, safety and wellbeing organisational cultural change


  • Customer Relationship Management


  • Student Services
  • Finance and procurement
  • Human Resources management systems


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Asset Management systems

Engagements for Action Oriented Change Communication strategies include:

  • Developed online social media strategy and implemented tools for the engagement and change communication strategies for a network of eight hundred employees that had Health and Safety accountability in the workplace.
  • Designed an action oriented change communication strategy to support the companywide implementation of a new IT system for Health, Safety and Wellbeing.
  • Focus of strategy was the paradigm shift in thinking about wellbeing and for it to be driven by leaders at all levels of the organisation and to be seen as a key driver when developing business strategy.
  • Change communication strategy to support the implementation of a major restructure and realignment program.
  • Designed and implemented an in house training and development business based with the focus on learning aligned with formal qualifications. The uptake was 96% of all employees many who had never used online learning before.
  • Designed an action oriented change communication strategy for retail staff Australia wide, creating a customer focused culture and linking outcomes to improving business site financial performance.
  • Designed an action oriented change communication strategy to support the implementation of a data management system across a government department for use by all employees – achieved 100% positive response and usage.
  • Designed an action oriented change communication strategy for the implementation of a new online approach to project methodology to be adopted by all project managers and understood by all senior managers including project sponsors. Achieved on time deployment and transition to new system.
  • Provided advice on a change communication strategy to manage the restructure of the organisation within a Project Management Office environment specifically established to manage the structural changes
  • Provided advice for achieving traction on a substantial IT program in a siloed driven organisation. We worked with executive leadership team to identify strategic imperatives for the change, the impact on future business direction and methods to engage all employees.
  • Designed the action oriented change communication strategy for a significant program of work focused on re-engineering the following processes: finance, human resources, information technology systems, teaching and learning, business development and marketing, research and innovation, facilities and planning in a tertiary institution where previous attempts had failed.

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